Family Animals - MORTIS

Fresca had been with me since she was a fragile and yet playful and trusting little kitten. She's about 19 and a half at this time of her passing and has always been a deeply loving companion and would get onto my lap every chance she could get; which was whenever I sat down... like right now.
She 's also been the matriarch of our animal family, both dogs and cats.

As you can see in her photo, she had only one eye. She had chronic infections over much of her life in her left eye, and about 3 years ago it had to be removed, as the severity of the last infection was making her gravely ill. Since then she had been very happy and healthy until a month after our old male cat Zing passed away at the age of 20. The alignment of their years here with us is both so meaningful and heartbreaking, for we have lost 2 of our dearly loved companions within such a short period.
On June 4th 2011, after 2 weeks of loving care during rapidly declining health, Fresca passed away quietly and naturally.

Good bye for now my sweet Fresca, for as with Zing, I will see you again in another time, in another place.