Family Animals - MORTIS

Well I finally have a picture of Floozy. She's the 8th little wonder of our animal family - I mean very little. Floozy is smaller than our smallest cat, and is full grown at 5 years as of '09. she's also the most difficult to get a picture of, as she is very uncomfortable with a camera pointing at her, so I had to grab this one without her knowing. She also rarely stays still other than sleeping or snuggled in someone's lap, so I hope to get a better shot of her yet.
To make it even more difficult, her face has to be cleaned often to minimize the darkening of fur around her eyes, plus she frequently gets her face dirty in food dishes. So here she is in all her happy and bouncy glory. However, I don't think my wife will be too pleased when she sees that I put up a picture of Floozy with a dirty face, lol