Family Animals - MORTIS

I am very sad to announce that BrightBum passed away on Dec. 4, 2014, 10:30pm.
BrightBum was mostly a loner during the majority of her life up until the last year when she began needing to lay on my lap whenever I sat down, during which time she and I grew much closer. Brightbum always appeared to have difficulty feeling happy about life, often showing an expression similar to the one in this picture. During her last year however she seemed more at peace and happy in her old age.
BrightBum had been growing weaker each day during her last 2 weeks, and at 10:30pm on that last night, she slowly and peacefully slipped away while cradled in my arms.
As with those before you BrighttBum, I hope to see you again, in another time, and in another place.

The following bio was written for BrightBum over 5 years ago:

The Cheshire Cat perhaps? hmm, maybe not. Her name is Bright Eyes. Fitting I suppose with those big green eyes; but I have always found it difficult to call her that. I call her BrightBum - maybe because she often asks for affection by pushing her rear end against us.
BrightBum is Bitsy's sister but they are very different personalities from each other. She's also rather difficult to photograph, as she is very timid and will run away at the slightest gesture. It's hard to know what BrightBum's thinking right now, but I clearly have her attention.
Its also difficult to ever get a happy looking face from BrightBum. She tends to worry a lot about what's going on or what you're going to do to her. She was a wild street kitten from the urban city that never got over her caution and defenses.
Her sister Bitsy is also cautious and skittish but is a happier cat as she has learned to love everyone immensely, and has therefore felt it greatly returned. When we observe the social behaviours of our animal companions, we can learn much about the reciprocal dynamics of intention and actions.