Family Animals - MORTIS

My wife Marion wrote: Today (Sunday 25th May 2014) I lost my BFF. She has been my constant companion for over 10 years; supporting me through the death of my son and every other obstacle that was sent my way; and being there for me no matter what time of day (or night) it was. No questions asked. I in turn took care of her. Some people thought we were joined at the hip because she always wanted to be with me, and of course I obliged (despite my complaining I really liked it). We were so right for each other; both needing the other in our own special way.

I do believe Floozy was sent to me to get me through the difficult time I had ahead; although I did not know it at the time I know it now with every fiber of my being.
For such a tiny little thing she feared nothing and no one and until she went blind her energy level far surpassed any other companion I have ever had. Floozy – what an apt name – she was loved by everyone and gave it back 10 times over – went blind a number of years ago and since then could not get around at all; yet somehow she managed to fall down the basement stairs at least 3 times (from top to bottom) despite all our efforts to barricade it off; she had seizures and was also suffering from dementia. Not long ago she had to have all her teeth removed but even this did not stop her; she could no longer chew her food – but what the heck she just swallowed it whole. Such a trooper and such a loving personality no matter what sort of a day she had had, her tail just would not keep still.

Just lately she was dealt something she just could not handle - chronic kidney failure. A potential kidney problem was identified at the time she had her dentistry done but she managed to keep that well hidden from us all; not so anymore.

I console myself with the fact that she is no longer in pain but my heart still aches for her presence. Every night since she came to me she has slept on my pillow where I could snuggle my face into her fur………tonight is going to be a very long lonely night.

I love you Floozy xxxxx